Mythos ‚Intuitives‘ Interface


… don’t feel like every single action you design right now, in this Wild West time of interaction design, has to be completely intuitive. There are things we think are intuitive now that we learned using tutorials decades ago. Andrei Herasimchuk pulled up a great old Apple tutorial on how to use a mouse. Do you remember those? Probably not, even if you’re above a certain age, and your kids or siblings (or maybe even you) have likely never seen them. They learned how to use a mouse by watching people instead. People don’t come out of the womb knowing how to use a mouse—they do learn it, at some point—but once the information is out there they can learn so seamlessly it doesn’t matter.

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Holi: Festival of Colors 2013


Auch wenn er hier bei uns noch auf sich warten lässt, das Hindu Festival Holi läutet den Frühling ein – in all seiner Farbenpracht. Eine wunderbare Fotostrecke gibt es davon bei The Big Picture von – viel Spaß!