10 Things They Don’t Teach You In Design School

Ganz toll beschrieben im Artikel 10 Things They Don’t Teach You In Design School.

1. Your diploma doesn’t help you to find a job
2. Good design takes time, don’t set too tight deadlines
3. You clients don’t think that you are an artist
4. You must be able to handle irrelevant criticism
5. You should backup your data on a regular basis
6. Start networking, now!
7. Make sure your client signs a contract
8. Learning design is an ongoing process
9. Being a good designer is not only about talent
10. Your printer will stop working when you need it the most

Da ist was wirklich wahres dran – bei Gelegenheit hätte ich Bock, diese Liste noch zu erweitern… :-)


One thought on “10 Things They Don’t Teach You In Design School

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